Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why urine rocks!

I was just on and there is a research article talking about how a simple urine test may be able to diagnose autism in the future. So awesome! My fascination with the properties of urine has increased dramatically over the past four years.

On inpatient rehab, I catheterized hundreds of people. It involves a red rubber catheter tube going up the urethra into the bladder. The sphincters are thus opened, and out comes the urine. But this must be done in a clean fashion, otherwise a urinary tract infection may be caused. Urine is clean you see. Not dirty. Getting dirty stuff in the bladder is bad.

Urine has been used by many peoples to wash their hands. The reason you get diaper rash or whatever with prolonged contact on the skin is because urine is like a cleaning material. Like bleach or something.

It is still best practice, if you're ever have an open wound and no cleaning materials, to urinate on it. This will help clean the wound.

Many years ago there were no good ways to test blood sugar in diabetes patients. So how did the doctors know blood sugar levels to provide treatment? They tasted the patient's urine! It's true!

Urine has been used in gun powder, dyeing clothing, and fertilizer. Urine gets used to diagnose a lot of different diseases and conditions. Urine rocks!

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