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Getting out of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

In a news article, John McCain's views about American Isolationism within the Republican party are reviewed:

120 fatalities reported in Benghazi

Many within the party are claiming that "we" shouldn't have gone into Libya.  It's an easy and automatic claim to make, because the decision to go in was made by a Democratic president.  The thought is "why should we get into anyone else's business?"  And really, if the US were having an internal conflict, would we want some foreign powers from the other end of the world intervening to tip the balance?  The historical answer to this question is YES!
Centrifuges in Libya in 2003

Benjamin Franklin bent all his energies on convincing France to use its military strength to help the American colonists to expulse the British.  When the French finally did send its navy to assist the US, the war ended quickly.  Unlimited movement of troops along the coasts and unchallenged blocades of ports were no longer possible for the British.  By all accounts, the aid of the French was a major factor in American independence.
The 1st days of the conflict when the people showed their will and before Gaddafi pulled out his biggest and deadliest military technology.  

Libya.  There is a majority of the people that prefer to choose their own political future rather than having a dictator choose it for them.  The difference in military strength between the Americans and the British was much smaller than the military difference between Gaddafi and the rebels of Libya. 
Quem Elma Lake, Libya

The dictator thought at first that he could quell the rebellion through mostly threats.  Using the military on civilians would look very bad for this newly reformed image.  He was wrong.  The rebels advanced close to Tripoli.  Then he released his major firepower, and in a few days his powerful military was knocking on the doors of Benghazi before the international community stopped him.  Gaddafi's military was far superior because it used technology that he obtained from the US, Western Europe, and Russia.  Our technology allows him to easily overcome the will of the people. 

Getting around, Libya style

Do we help the people of Libya?  I think it's hypocritical and heartless to let them fall to the military strength that the West has given their dictator.  If someone's at your neighbor's house killing them, do you stand by and say, that's their business? 

Willing to fight till the last drop of blood
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We can't be sure that Libya will become a democracy.  There are a few friends of Osama Bin Laden (may he rot in Hell) fighting along side those that are fighting for democracy.  It's not perfect.  In our revolution, the American Indians had a major stake in helping the British, because they knew the colonists were all about moving westward, whereas the British were limiting the colonists' expansion into indian lands. 

It started as a nonviolent and peaceful protest

Things aren't perfect.  We don't know if what we want to happen will actually happen.  Being over there costs money.  We can't be there to help in every revolution (ie Syria).  We won't gain lucrative oil contracts for helping.  But you know what?  If you're my neighbor, and your family is being attacked by some bad person, and I find out about it, I'll do everything I can to help.  Free of charge. 
Opinions on Libya: my own

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