Monday, May 2, 2011

Love your belly fat day

So, I was just gettin' jiggly with my fatness... I've put on 12-15 pounds since high school... 14 pounds in 14 years. It's nice. and then I see this article:

And the mayo clinic has a nice little article:

I guess the big deal about belly fat is not really the belly fat. Having belly fat means you also have fat around the internal organs. And that's bad. And lipo won't do a thing about that.

Cool vocabulary words of the day: Visceral fat is the fat around the organs. The stuff that causes strokes, breast cancer, etc. Central obesity is the belly fat, the beer gut, the muffin top, the apple shape, or the pot belly.

My understanding is that the best exercise to lose weight and burn fat is the "lifting weights" exercise as opposed to the "walking/jogging/cardiovascular" exercise, which is good for your heart, but that's about it. Some one correct me if I'm wrong.

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