Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Fuel efficiency labels for cars

There will be new and improved fuel efficiency information for all cars for model years 2013.  This from  This is really exciting, because the label, shown below, gives information about fuel efficiency, how that efficiency compares to that of other vehicles of its type, and estimated annual costs for gasoline. 

This is great news, because consumers can more easily calculate how much gas will cost, which should lead to a trend of buying more fuel efficient vehicles in the future.  If I understand correctly, there's also information on how much damage the production of a vehicle (or is it just the operation of the vehicle?) does to the environment. 

 Image from
Pretty sweet ride, eh?

 Image from  This graph shows a pretty sad story.  It's obvious that auto makers stopped caring about fuel efficiency and started caring about horsepower only for a lot of years. 

 Image from  This is my personal favorite.

And there will be a smart phone app that goes along with the new sticker information that allows you to enter in your driving habits and see more exactly what the gasoline cost would be.   This is very cool.  Go EPA/DOT!  Good job.  

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