Sunday, October 16, 2011

Death by Alternative Medicine: Steve Jobs

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I was just reading this article about Steve Jobs. 
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According to this expert, the cancer which killed Steve Jobs has had a 100% survival rating for a while, and the only people that die from it are people that stay away from mainstream medication and keep seeking alternatives... Or people with no money to pay for treatment.  But we don't talk about those people, because it makes us think there might be something wrong with this country.

Anyway, the point is... alternative medicine is great.  When alternative medicine is effective, they start calling it... medicine, and doctors start prescribing it all over the place. 

Most of these old alternative medicines that have been around for a long time and are still "alternative" have had scientific studies done that show that, in some cases, there is a placebo effect, and in others, no effect at all.   

So, for those that need heavy hitting western medicine, please, please do what you can to get it.  Alternative medicines are fine and nice, but evidence based medicines will be better 99% of the time.
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