Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evidence of a real mega-sized kraken!

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This article is very cool.  For those looking for evidence that other creatures have also gained a significant amount of intelligence, in some ways rivaling humans, look no further. 
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30 meters long!?!  how long is that in feet?  Seriously, because I can't remember.  In any case, we now have a mega creature to look at, study, ... wait.  There's no fossil?  Don't give me any of that "invertebrate means no bones means no fossil" stuff.  No PhD feller should be able to make such a claim with zero physical evidence.  Right? 

I've decided I want that job.  By the way I found evidence of a giant mega-fauna creature... previously unkown to science, right in my backyard.  I'm charging money for viewings. 
The Gloucester sea serpent of 1817.Image via Wikipedia

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