Friday, October 28, 2011

Rick Horowitz's views on "Birthers"

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I haven't read anything quite so painful in a while.  I was waiting for him to give it up and explain the sarcasm, because I honestly believe that around a fifth of adult readers won't 'get it' without some explanation. 

I agree with the sentiment, if not the methods.  On the other hand, it is kindof fun, and to some degree deserved.  An honest guy (who would never make
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it to high office) would denounce the discounted idea that a few still have about Obama's being foreign born.  An opposition politician won't embrace it since doing so would be negatively judged by many objective or moderate voters, but playing with the idea like it's still an open question is like... well, like what Rick Horowitz has posted. 

It is kindof fun... but that doesn't make it right.   
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